Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you or anybody around you going to join a B School..... Be very care full... You can be Cheated


If you have taken a decision to join a B School It should be as serious as choosing a life partner.These days we all see missleading advertisements with wrong claims about the Degree, Placements,faculty etc. So be very care full in choosing a B School because:

The MBA degree brings major changes in a person’s career.

They May be Following:
1. Getting a dream job
2. Promotion directly to the management cadre of a company
3. Making a complete shift in domain etc.

If you are planning to join a management institute, you will have a tough time deciding which institute to join. Therefore you must take a lot many things into consideration while selecting the institute you will be joining.

Recognition –Generally B Schools offer PGDM & MBA,
PGDM is a Diploma which should be recognized by AICTE and must be having recognition fromAIU(Association of Indian Universities).
MBA Must be approved by University Grant Commission (UGC).
The course should be having the recognition from the Industry.

Curriculum – The most updated the curriculum the more updated you are. Some of the Institutes claim international tie ups for curriculum with the world renowned institutes such as MIT, Harvard and Wharton. It doesn’t give the guaranty of the delivery of the best syllabus so we should enquire about the teaching methodology of the institute. In MBA teaching should be through live case studies and projects.

Infrastructure – A good B School should have a truly world class infrastructure which should give all round education and development. These days B Schools are running their classes like a coaching class in shifts or alternate days. But a good B School will have so many things to deliver that it would not be possible to complete it if we don’t conduct eight classes a day for 300 days.
We should see following things
• latest communication devices to deliver lectures
• Wi-Fi
• well-stocked library with Books and journals
• Always prefer an MBA which is residential So Check hostel.

Faculty – There are few factors which should be taken into consideration
• Permanent Faculty and Visiting faculty ratio should be higher.
• Faculty and student Ratio should be higher
• Ratio of Faculty from Academics and from industry should be one.
• Number of Resident Faculty should be more.

Placement – This is the most important factor why an MBA aspirant joins an MBA institute. All above factors affect the placement of the institute. Many B Schools wrongly claim that top companies visit their campus but actually that’s not correct. An aspirant should strictly check the placement record of the Institute and it should be verified by the companies also.

Location - Always prefer an Institute which is there in a metropolitan city because it will affect the availability of good faculty factor and placement of the students. We should always prefer Metro cities or the capital of the states.

Financing- Always avoid taking a big sum as the education loan amount. If it is one the best institute in the country then also we should follow the following formula
• Average salary offered by the B School = Education Loan amount taken
If the
• Fee structure of an institute > 2 * Average salary offered by the institute Then don’t join that institute, in that case it’s better to join a correspondence or Part Time MBA.
• If the Average Salary offered by the institute is less than 3lacs don’t join an MBA because you can get a salary of this much only after your graduation.

• Before joining a B School always try to meet seniors and enquire about the strength of the Alumni, Which all companies are they working at which position within what span of time.
• Try to meet Teachers at that Institute.
• Consult Industry people to enquire about the recognition of the course.
This is my personal suggestion to gather information about these factors to rank the institute and to making the decision to finalize it for the admission.
It’s better to crosscheck all these factors before joining an MBA and be proud of what you have done because this MBA tag will be there with you lifelong than to repent afterwards

Decision is yours
All The Best

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